Fösingsmåla activities


Fösingsmåla is a beautiful little village surrounded by lakes, vast forests and meadows. The lakes are excellent fishing lakes and some also have an extensive beach. There is plenty of wildlife in the area and sometimes you can see a wild moose or eagle nearby. In many lakes you can rent a boat for fishing or swimming.

  It is only a half hour drive to the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland with many fine glassworks and about one and a half hour drive to Kalmar and Öland.


The naval town Karlskrona with its many museums and historic buildings that also has been named on UNESCO's World Heritage Site can be reached in about 1 hour by car. Karlskrona has a large archipelago with many islands and very beautiful scenery. It is one of the last major Swedish archipelagos that are not yet exploited and therefore it still retains its original nature and charm. On the islands Sturkö and Tjurkö has previously quarries and fishing been a great nutrition and you can still see the preserved remains of the business. In Karlskrona archipelago are many fine sea bathing.

To the lake Djupasjön's general terms bathing is 5 kilometers. Bathing areas are also including in Dångebo (10 km), Konga (15 km) and water paradise Cascade in Tingsryd (33 km).

Korrö hantverksby (old handcraft village) is within half an hour by car and Kreativum in Karlshamn and Laxaquarium in Mörrum is within 1 hour by car. In the area there are also several bicycle roads and walking routes, among other the  walking route Utvandrarleden (The emigrant route).