Löderup activities


The Skåne house in Löderup is situated on Österlen with only one close neighbour. The house and the neighbour's house has its backside towards each other so both the gardens are free from insight.

Beaches and bathes

Löderups Strandbad

Löderups Strandbad is situated ca 2,5 kilometres from our Skåne house in Löderup.

Löderups Strandbad, Torget, this beach is situated just below the slope when you arrive to Löderups Strandbad. Directly close to the beach there are a kiosk, a café, a pizzeria and two mini-golf courses. There are also a long dock for those who prefer to jump in the water. By a construction of stones there are a small dabble area closest to the beach. The dock has been chosen to the next best bath dock by the paper Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

In Löderups Strandbad there are many beaches: Bryggstranden, Kungahövdstranden, Campingstranden and Ålebodastranden.

Hagestad Naturreservat / Backåkra

Hagestad Naturreservat / Backåkra is situated ca 5 kilometres from the Skåne house.

Hagesta Naturreservat has very large and gorgeous beaches, often not crowded and with easy parking. Turn off from the road Kustvägen in direction towards Dag Hammarskjölds Backåkra, continue down to the sea to the parking place. This beach is the only naturist beach in Ystad and one of the best in Sweden. Here are a very beatiful beach the whole way along the sea to Sandhammaren. It is much easier to find parking places here then in Sandhammaren and the beaches are as good as in Sandhammaren. However there are no kiosk and toilets here.


Sandhammaren is situated ca 6 kilometres from the Skåne house.

Here are a very beautiful and large beach and here are also a kiosk and a café. You turn off the road Kustvägen towards Sandhammaren. It can be difficult to find a parking place here. However there are a large parking place here and many do park their cars along the road. Sandhammaren has been chosen to one of the best beaches in the world by the paper Dagens Nyheter.


Mälarhusen is situated ca 10 kilometers from the Skåne house and Borrby Strand ca 11 kilometres away.

Around Ystad which is situated ca 20 kilometres from the Skåne house there are severeal beaches, among others Nybrostrand, Ryssvägen, Saljsjöbaden, Bongs, Lilleskog, Svarte Badstrand, Mossby and Mossbystrand.

The beach Tobisvik in Simrishamn is situated ca 30 kilometres from the Skåne house. North of Simrishamn there are also severeal beaches.


The amusement park Tosselilla Sommarland

The amusement park Tosselilla Sommarland is situated 2 kilometres from Tomelilla which is ca 30 kilometres from our Skåne house in Löderup.

Indoors and outdoors pools are situated on several places around Österlen.

Tourist attractions and events

Österlen, Konstrundan, Ales Stenar, Glimmingehus, Kåseberga, Simrishamn, Kivik, Tomelilla and Tosselilla

The beautiful Österlen is all around the Skåne house in Löderup. It is only 1 kilometre to walk to the sea and the beautiful sand hills that demarcate the sea from the mainland. Ales Stenar and Kåseberga is situated 4 kilometres from the house and Glimmingehus 20 kilometres. Tomelilla, Toselilla Sommarland and Simrishamn is situated ca 30 kilometres from the Skåne house and Kivik 40 kilometres.

Around the whole Österlen there is every Easter an event called Konstrundan where artists opens their ateljés and shows their works of art. In the area close to the Skåne house is several activites during Konstrundan.

Golf, Paragliding, Walks, Bicykel tours and Fishing

There are several golf courses on Österlen (see our golf page). Paragliding is situated close to Kåseberga in an area with high sand hills towards the sea, which is a perfect place for Paragliding. There are many places for fishing on Österlen and the area is good for walking and bicycle tours.