Löderup equipment



Broadband (fiber) is installed in the house.

Equipment in the kitchen:

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything that is needed including stove and oven, refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster and water kettle. Plates, glasses and cutlery is of course also included.


On the upper floor:

On the upper floor there is a room with 3 beds (two of them have 120 cm width and one has 90 cm width). The beds are under a sloping roof. There is no door but the stairs from the upper floor ends in the dining room.

On the lower floor:

In the west wing there are two rooms. A door separates the west wing from the dining room. In the inner room there is two sofa beds with two places for sleeping each (totally 4 sleeping places). In the outer room there is a table, a small sofa and a chair.

The house has also a movable cot for a little child.

In another bedroom with a door separating the bedroom from the hall are two single beds.

In the living room with a door separating the living room from the hall there is a  sofa bed with two places for sleeping. In the living room there also are a TV and a CD-player. Beside the table in the living room there are two sofas with 6 places for sitting. The bed sofa is at the corner of the livingroom In the middle of the living room there is a beautiful fire place.

The outdoor rooms:

There are two rooms with entrance from the garden. The outer room has a table and 2 chairs. The inner room has 2 single beds. The rooms have no heating and are only used during the summer.

There is also a large room with entry from the garden which gives the opportunity to have many people together under a single roof. The room have no heating.

Dining areas:

In the kitchen there is a table with 4 places for eating. In the dining room which is closed to the kitchen there is a table with 6-8 places for eating. From the dining room you see the table in the kitchen. In the dining room there is a fireplace. There is also a chair for a little child in the house.

Shower, lavatory and washing room:

In the first bathroom there are a bath with a shower, a toilet and a wash-basin. In the second bathroom there are a shower, a toilet and a wash-basin. In the boiler room there is a washing machine.

The garden:

In the garden there is garden furniture, consisting of a couple of tables, sofas and chairs. The lawn is mowed during the night by an automatic lawnmower. In the garden there is also a small greenhouse.